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January 19, 2023      5:19 PM

GOP infighting: Lt. Gov. Patrick slams Rep. Toth for comments on gender modification legislation, conservative activists say Toth was taken out of context

Texas GOP Chair Rinaldi backs up Patrick, whose campaign says Rep. Toth’s “baseless allegations and misplaced blame have cost him any shred of credibility.” At least one activist who was in the room says Toth “never said anything negative about Dan Patrick or the governor”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Thursday slammed Rep. Steve Toth, R-The Woodlands, over Toth’s recent comments to some conservative activists about how “gender modification” legislation previously failed in the Texas Legislature. His comments were contained in secretly recorded audio that’s being promoted by Tim Dunn’s Texas Scorecard. Sound familiar?

But at least one GOP activist who was in the room when the comments were made told Quorum Report that Toth never attacked Patrick and the conservative House member is being taken out of context. See if you can follow this, okay?

By Scott Braddock

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