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May 18, 2023      4:48 PM

A note about People on the Move

Some of you have asked when People on the Move will resume. Good question.

It’s normal that during this part of the session – thankfully, the end – most political professionals in the Capitol community months ago settled into gigs and have been laser focused on their current work all the way through Sine Die. That day cannot come fast enough and no one would blame you for staring at the countdown clock on our homepage.

Typically as Sine Die approaches, I’ll start to get texts and emails from those of you who are about to have career news to share. Those teases are usually something along the lines of “I can’t say anything yet but…” or “Ok, I’ll tell you but you can’t print anything until it’s all locked down. Okay?”
Yes, it’s always safe with me: ksbraddock@gmail.com

We’ll have a small edition of POTM tomorrow and will probably see political career news pick up again as we move into the summer months.

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