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January 12, 2022      4:11 PM

Stekler: Dee Simpson and Wayne Slater in memory and in film

In this guest column, filmmaker Paul Stekler remembers the life and times of two players in Texas politics who made a difference

In the last few weeks, we’ve lost two friends who were cherished members in Austin’s political circles, Wayne Slater and Dee Simpson. Many of us were lucky to know them. I also got to film them in their prime, younger and full of life.

In a town of politicos, pundits, writers and reporters, Wayne Slater was a consummate professional. Longtime Dallas Morning News senior political reporter and Austin bureau chief, he was the co-author of two best-selling books about Karl Rove, the sharpest dresser in the press corps and the sharpest questioner of those in Texas government. He and I taught an LBJ School campaign politics class for a few years with Mark McKinnon and Matthew Dowd.

By Paul Stekler

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