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January 13, 2021      7:01 PM

SB: Anything but consensus about proposed Texas House Consensus Calendar

At first blush, it’s a proposal to streamline the legislative process for the sake of limiting personal interactions on the floor during COVID. But while the other pandemic-related additions to the rules may not be agreeable to all the players, they do not systematically change how easily a bill is passed like this would

On the eve of the rules debate in the Texas House, both Republican and Democratic caucuses apparently spent considerable time this afternoon discussing a proposal to create a new calendar aimed at speeding legislation along when COVID-19 has created concern about members spending long periods of time on the floor.

Democrats and some Republicans tell QR that there isn’t any accusation of a power grab. But there is some concern that certain bills might be sped through the process when there should be more time spent actually debating them – pandemic or not.

So, what’s this actually about?

By Scott Braddock

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