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February 16, 2021      9:22 AM

Phelan calls for hearing on blackouts on Feb. 25th

Phelan calls on House State Affairs and Energy Resources Committees hold a joint hearing to review the electric generation dropped off ERCOT system and statewide blackouts

“The extreme winter weather Texans experienced this week caused the lights to go off across the Lone Star State,” said Speaker Phelan. “I’m asking these two vital committees to convene a joint hearing on February 25th for the express purpose of helping Texans understand what went wrong and how we can prevent these conditions from happening again. We must cut through the finger-pointing and hear directly from stakeholders about the factors that contributed to generation staying down at a time when families needed it most, what our state can do to correct these issues, and what steps regulators and grid operators are taking to safeguard our electric grid.” “The State of Texas is grateful to those on the front lines keeping Texans safe during this severe weather event and encourages all citizens to continue to conserve energy as officials work to restore power to the hundreds of thousands of Texans without it,” said House State Affairs Committee Chairman Chris Paddie. “The statewide blackouts raise questions about the reliability of our electric grid and its ability to withstand extreme weather events in the future. I thank Speaker Phelan for his leadership on this issue, support his call for a joint hearing, and look forward to a thorough and exhaustive review of this critical matter.” “More than 2 million Texans have been left without power - some for many hours, some even days - and this is unacceptable,” said House Energy Resources Committee Chairman Craig Goldman. “This joint hearing will provide an opportunity for all Texans to hear from industry officials, regulators, and grid operators to get an explanation and understanding of what went wrong and steps they are all taking to make certain this never happens again. I look forward to working with my House colleagues and committee members to get to the bottom of this critical issue for all Texans.”

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