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October 6, 2021      5:51 PM

Lawmakers get down to work in figuring out how to allocate $16 billion in federal coronavirus aid

Chair Nelson asks “Is it one-time spending? Or is it ongoing? Is it really important? Does it qualify for our money? Is it something that is quite probably is going to be in the that infrastructure bill that they’re working on in DC right now?”

Texas Senate Finance Committee Chair Sen. Jane Nelson – face with hundreds of informal and formal requests for $16.2 billion in American Rescue Plan Act funds – says she will rely on the Senate work group structure to sift through and prioritize the best uses for the money.

Nelson was clear, at the end of a two-part hearing this week, what points should guide the work groups. Texas House Appropriations, meantime, is getting underway with their discussions on this today and, in a big picture sense, the two chambers seem to be about 80 percent in agreement.

By Kimberly Reeves

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