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January 11, 2021      4:45 PM

Anonymous Veteran Texas Capitol Staffer: Amid COVID-19 and violent riots, I am terrified to go to work

With the pandemic still raging and new concerns about violence at state capitols following the riots in DC last week, this staffer writes “I wish our leaders did not put me and my colleagues in this precarious situation. They certainly don’t have to.”

Editor’s note: Reporting on the concerns of legislative staff is difficult for a variety of reasons. They're not the stars because they’re not the elected officials. They generally work in the background, diligently avoid the spotlight, and just get the job done for Texans without any fanfare. It is a rare thing for Quorum Report or any news outlet to publish an op-ed from an anonymous source. In this case, however, it is appropriate because some are terrified given the continued pandemic and the deadly violence that unfolded just last week at the US Capitol. The veteran staffer who submitted this op-ed does not presume to speak for others and understands that not everyone in the profession feels the same way.

We share this op-ed now to shed light on the concerns of many in the Texas Capitol community who have reached out in recent days. Your feedback is welcome – SB

By An anonymous veteran Texas Capitol staffer

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