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June 29, 2020      5:46 PM

Supreme Court reaffirms Texas case on abortion admitting privileges

“In a time where our nation yearns to move forward progressively, the Trump Administration acted to move the dial back decades by filling the courts with conservative judges and justices…. this ploy did not work.”

The nation’s top court – with the support of Chief Justice John Roberts – has reaffirmed that admitting privileges are not necessary for abortion providers, striking down a Louisiana abortion law that is identical to one in Texas.

The law, if implemented, would have cut the number of abortion clinics in Louisiana to one. Already, the law – struck down by the Supreme Court – had cut the number abortion clinics in Texas in half, never to return.

CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller of Whole Women’s Health celebrated the decision, which comes after Pres. Donald Trump appointed two conservative justices to the bench. In today’s 5-4 decision, Roberts joined the liberal block, issuing a minority opinion that cited precedence.

By Kimberly Reeves

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