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June 24, 2020      2:00 PM

HK: Has Empower Texans Fever finally broken?

There's apparent discussion among GOP members about whether to simply call for firing “two bad apples” caught on tape or condemn the entire group; Gov. Abbott has made clear he agrees with the latter

The irony has been lost on absolutely no one that Empower Texans has a problem with secret recordings.

Having ratcheted up their political pariah status by secretly recording a conversation with an unsuspecting Speaker, Michael Quinn Sullivan confirmed that any conversation with an Empower Texans employee or affiliate was being taped and could be used in a setup for a future political assassination.

So, it is entirely fitting that Empower Texans Chairman Tim Dunn’s people may have mortally damaged the entire operation by mistakenly recording themselves.

In so doing they cemented their place in the political pantheon as a group whose organizing principle centers on fundamental contempt for people and process. From engineered taxpayer “scorecards” by his Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and the painfully truth-challenged Agenda Wise to unregistered lobbying, Dunn’s operations have always been based on fear, inflammation, and the belief in their own exceptionalism.

The question now is whether there is a path back to any relevance in the pink dome.

By Harvey Kronberg

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