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June 22, 2020      10:35 AM

Empower Texans continues to promote articles by staffer who mocked Gov. Abbott's disability

Meantime, new audio has surfaced of homophobic comments from ET’s general counsel; TPPF is attacked by Empower Texans even though ET Chairman Tim Dunn has a leadership role at the “think tank” as well

Editor’s note: The newly surfaced audio is available to subscribers at the end of this article – SB

Even after Empower Texans on Friday was rebuked by top Republicans across the state because two staffers were caught on tape mocking Gov. Greg Abbott’s disability, the group continues to publicly promote attacks on Abbott authored by one of the staffers in question.

Meantime, more outtakes of audio from the group’s podcast have surfaced in which homophobic rhetoric is used and the Texas Public Policy Foundation, where Empower’s chairman Tim Dunn is Vice Chair, is singled out for criticism.

By Scott Braddock

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