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November 18, 2020      8:34 PM

Despite narrative about South Texas Latinos who voted for Trump, experts note vast majority of Texas Latinos live in urban centers and support Democrats

“There is no scenario where the Latino electorate costs Dems anything…however, there is a lot to unpack.”

Mexican American Legislative Caucus Chairman Rafael Anchía wanted to make a few things clear during an event hosted by the caucus today.

The first point was that no one on the five-person panel, held virtually, would use the word “monolithic” to describe the Latino community. “We're making a swear jar for anyone who uses the term ‘monolith,’” Chair Anchia said. “In Texas, projections show that 2.2 million Latinos voted in the presidential election with approximately 67 percent voting for Vice President Biden and 31 percent voting for President Trump.”

The second thing was that the panel would use the word “Latino” somewhat cautiously. Why’s that?

By James Russell

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