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September 9, 2020      4:41 PM

As Dallas City Council rejects budget proposal from Mayor Johnson, he argues they want to defund police

With Abbott cheering on Mayor Johnson the council soundly rejects the proposal to “defund bureaucracy,” which critics say is nothing more than a slogan on social media

The day before Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republicans gather in Austin to push back on proposals to reduce municipal police budgets, Dallas City Council soundly rejected – 13 to 2 – and amendment by Mayor Eric Johnson that he said would “defund the bureaucracy” and redirect funds toward public safety.

In selling his ultimately unsuccessful proposal, which restored previously cut police overtime pay, reduced salaries and prevents job cuts, Johnson said bluntly the council wants to “defund the police.”

Councilmembers previously proposed a competing budget that redirects funds from public safety to departments such as parks and recreation, infrastructure, the arts and other areas.

By James Russell

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