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November 17, 2020      4:37 PM

Amid allegations of an affair and corruption, Paxton says he makes no apologies

“Unfortunately, I know a little something about being falsely accused and being forced to counter allegations that are the result of overreach by prosecutors and law enforcement,” Paxton said in a statement to the Statesman

From the report by Tony Plohetski and Chuck Lindell:

Paxton’s relationship with investor Nate Paul — including his decision to hire an outside prosecutor to investigate Paul’s claims — is at the center of allegations that Paxton improperly worked on Paul’s behalf.

“I make no apologies for being a fierce investigator and defender of individual rights in the face of potentially unreasonable and authoritarian actions,” Paxton wrote. “Doing so is not favoritism. It is doing what the people of Texas expect from every law enforcement agency, their attorney general, and the staff of this office.”

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