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March 18, 2020      5:17 PM

Abbott says he will make announcement Thursday about possible statewide restrictions on bars, restaurants

Here comes the shift: “Typically, we empower the local elected officials to be in charge because they know more than anybody else does,” Abbott said. “But it’s becoming increasingly clear this is not just statewide in scope, is not just nationwide in scope. It’s worldwide in scope.”

Gov. Greg Abbott’s afternoon news conference in North Texas was an indication Texas’ current focus is on the long-term reality of a true full-blown COVID-19 pandemic.

Abbott’s comments this afternoon indicate the state will likely announce the closure of bars and the shutdown of restaurant dining rooms tomorrow, although Abbott said he was still seeking the input of local officials on any announcement he makes about that.

Texas has been working collaboratively with local officials since early January, Abbott said, trying to give some context to his potential executive order. The state’s disaster declaration gave local jurisdictions the authority to weigh – and execute – local restrictions.

By Kimberly Reeves

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