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August 9, 2019      5:36 PM

Office of the Speaker denies request to release original letter from MQ Sullivan about June 12 meeting

One of the perhaps significant unknowns in the whole dustup between Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Empower Texans Spokesman Michael Quinn Sullivan is exactly what was said in Sullivan’s original letter to the speaker about their now controversial June 12 meeting.

The letter from Sullivan was what prompted this response from Speaker Bonnen. Sullivan has declined to even release a copy of it.

Quorum Report and other media outlets have asked the speaker’s office for the original letter from Sullivan – which Bonnen confirmed exists in his response (above) to Sullivan – but today we were denied.

“Our staff has conducted a thorough search for information responsive to your July 29, 2019 public information request, and we have no responsive information that is not otherwise made confidential by Chapter 306 of the Government Code,” wrote Gardner Pate, Director of Policy & General Counsel for the Office of the Speaker.

Some have speculated that the speaker might have also recorded the meeting. Pate’s response was the same to a request for an electronic recording and any notes from the meeting.

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