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October 3, 2019      8:20 PM

Looking for a solution in the Trump era, business leaders gather in Houston for immigration summit

Rep. Fletcher says there’s more that unites the two parties than divides them; retiring Rep. Hurd says neither Democratic nor Republican leadership wants to solve it: “We have to jam whoever is in leadership to get this done.”

HOUSTON – Just as legislative action appears to be grinding to a halt in Washington amid an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, business leaders and others gathered in Southeast Texas for a day-long summit focused on the next steps in their fight for immigration reform.

One of the speakers at the event in downtown Houston, Texas Association of Business CEO Jeff Moseley, argued the impeachment movement is more of a “distraction” than anything else and he’s hopeful lawmakers in DC will not become singularly focused on that to the exclusion of everything else, as has been predicted by Sen. John Cornyn.

By Scott Braddock

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