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October 8, 2019      12:34 PM

Higher ed rulemaking goes forward after the passing of key advocate Rex Peebles

The rulemaking committee continues its work to “reduce the number of stray course hours” and “to increase predictability and consistency for Texas college students.”

Negotiated rulemaking is underway on the key higher education bill of the year – Senate Bill 25 – but without the guiding hand of Assistant Commissioner Rex Peebles.

How to deal with transfer credits between two-year colleges and four-year universities has been a burr under the saddle, so to speak, of lawmakers for at least three sessions. Peebles was the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s point person on the ongoing issue as Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, crafted a solution, which came last session in the form of Senate Bill 25.

A rulemaking committee of college administrators from around the state gathered in recent weeks to negotiate terms on draft policy presented by agency staff. The policy encompassed both Senate Bill 25 – the accounting and transfer of academic credits – and House Bill 3803 – facilitating timely graduation with marketable skills, with an emphasis on timely.

By Kimberly Reeves

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