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August 6, 2018      4:59 PM

Updated: With Huffines at his side, Sen. Rand Paul in Moscow invites Russian Lawmakers to Washington

Per ABC News:

“The delegation with Paul included Phillip Huffines, a Texas Republican who ran unsuccessfully in a primary race this spring, and Peter Goettler, president and CEO of the Cato Institute, the conservative Washington-based think tank.”

As it turns out, both of the Huffines twins were in attendance, spokesman Matt Langston confirmed to Quorum Report.

Don Huffines regularly hears from Texans who are concerned about the security of our elections, and who are alarmed by Russia's efforts to undermine our democratic institutions,” Langston said. “In meetings with Russian officials, Senator Huffines is having frank discussions, relaying Texans’ concerns, and demanding that Russia stop meddling in our elections. Don Huffines believes in the power of face-to-face conversations, even with antagonists.”

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