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February 20, 2018      10:29 AM

Updated: Ahead of Abbott rallies for their opponents, Texas House GOP Caucus issues statements of support for Davis, Faircloth

In response, Abbott consultant Dave Carney called them all Democrats; Chair Davis said he may be "cresting in an alternate reality."

Editor’s note: This story has again been updated, this time to include comments from Chair Davis ahead of today’s rally in Houston, including her take on Dave Carney calling all Texas House Republicans “dems” – SB

As Gov. Greg Abbott prepares to hit this road for campaign rallies in Houston and Galveston today and tomorrow for the opponents of Representatives Sarah Davis and Wayne Faircloth, the Texas House GOP Caucus on Monday issued statements of support for both.

It would seem to be a benign gesture by the Republican members for their colleagues in contested primaries.

But what unfolded next included Gov. Abbott’s chief consultant Dave Carney calling the entire caucus a bunch of Democrats followed by members of the Freedom Caucus signaling that House Republicans should be able to support whomever they wish for an elected office.

That stance, by the way, contradicts their demands for a united caucus when it’s time to choose a presiding officer.

By Scott Braddock

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