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August 10, 2018      3:42 PM

UPDATED: Former Senator Babe Schwarz passed today--a true Texas legend, a fierce advocate

Represented Galveston area in House from 1955-1959,Senate 1966-1981. Details to follow

A friend tells of Babe saying he never had so much fun as when he was fighting and messing in the Senate with Bill Moore, the "Bull of the Brazos", his ideological antithesis as well as a man Babe considered to be an anti-semite.

"The Senate was never the same after Moore left", Schwartz said.

It was not so long ago that Babe and the five star Republican consultant and wise man Reggie Bashur would hold court at the same table in the Capitol Grille downstairs. Bashur was suffering a brain tumor and wore a perennial baseball cap along with his suit and tie.

Everyone stopped at that table, powerbrokers, leading lobby, reporters. And just about everyone left laughing at a story told by one of the two of this odd couple.

There will be stories and much laughing over the next several days as people remember how this man, small in stature, loomed so large over 30 years fighting for his constituents and those the Legislature often ignores.

By Harvey Kronberg

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