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February 6, 2018      8:38 PM

SB: In debate with Miller, Blocker offers eloquent defense of the profession of lobbying

Blocker quite ready for the question: "If you don't want to vote for a former lobbyist in this race you can't vote for either one of us at this table"

During a debate in Tyler versus Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, former lobbyist Trey Blocker went toe-to-toe with the incumbent on a host of red meat issues and, every once in a while, questions about agriculture were even mixed in by the moderator JoAnn Fleming.

Fleming did an outstanding job, by the way, her group Grassroots We the People deserve thanks for providing a live stream online of the event at the Holiday Inn on the south side of Tyler.

I’ve stayed there many times myself while covering East Texas politics or giving speeches to various groups.

For the Quorum Report audience, one moment in the debate will stand out above all others.

By Scott Braddock

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