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February 12, 2018      5:04 PM

Records show Hays County judicial candidate was pulling the strings of American Phoenix Foundation

Bresnen says to State District Judge candidate Ben Wetmore: "You must account for the Foundation's $250,000 you sent through the Texas Demography Project conduit and the money you put into your own pockets."

When it first came to light in 2015 that a group was clandestinely capturing video of lawmakers, lobbyists, staffers and others in and around the Texas Capitol, the man who took credit for the operation was Joe Basel.

Basel and his wife claimed to be running the show at the American Phoenix Foundation.

But records uncovered through years of litigation pursued by lobbyist Steve Bresnen reveal that the man who has publicly acted as Basel’s attorney, Ben Wetmore, was really pulling the strings.

Wetmore, who Basel has called a “mentor,” deposited nearly $700,000 into accounts held by “other, unrelated entities with which Wetmore was also deeply involved,” per a review of the group’s records that has now been filed with a court in Travis County. You can see a copy of the report at the end of this story.

By Scott Braddock

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