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January 10, 2018      3:52 PM

Pair of very different Democrats duke it out for the chance to take on Sen. Burton

Campolo brings the energy of Bernie Sanders-style folks; seasoned observers argue Powell has the kind of potential crossover appeal needed to make the case for a change this fall

FORT WORTH – Many Democrats and Republicans alike here in Cowtown say that if Tarrant County were to ever go purple or even *gasp* blue, then so will go Texas.

If any seat serves as the bellwether for Texas’ political future, Senate District 10 in Tarrant could be it. Democrats are eager to take on Sen. Konni Burton, R-Colleyville, who is running for reelection. In 2016, Republican President Donald Trump won the district by less than a point, 47.9 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 47.3 percent.

Like in the 2016 Democratic primary, two very different candidates filed for SD 10.

By James Russell

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