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February 6, 2018      12:20 PM

Grusendorf: Supermajority Senate Rules Undermine Democracy

From the Right: With another potential government shutdown looming, former GOP Rep. Kent Grusendorf argues that supermajority rules “allow politicians to hide from voters and act in their own interests instead of dealing with the critical business of government.”

Do senate rules that require a supermajority vote really promote bipartisanship? Are they really traditional? It is often said that senate supermajorities are critical because of tradition and because they help guarantee bipartisan compromise – both arguments wilt upon analysis. In reality, the primary result of supermajority senate rules is the protection of incumbent senators.

In DC, the supermajority rule has not resulted in bipartisanship. Instead, it has resulted in total gridlock.

Gridlock is the opposite of bipartisan compromise.

The full column by former Chairman Kent Grusendorf can be found in the R&D Department.

By Kent Grusendorf

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