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February 16, 2018      4:52 PM

Following cease and desist letter from AG, ISDs carefully ensure they are in compliance with the law

Putting aside Twitter accounts, which cost no money to users, there’s been no evidence of taxpayer dollars spent on electioneering

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s effort to curtail school districts’ social media activity in elections this week has not been greeted with enthusiasm from the education community. That’s probably an understatement.

Superintendent Kevin Dyes of Holliday Independent School District said his district would comply with Paxton’s request and move on. But he also questioned why Holliday was targeted.

“It is puzzling why the Attorney General felt compelled to pick-on Holliday ISD, a small school district in Archer County, and appears to be just another example of heavy-handed politics out of Austin,” Dyes said in a statement he released today, the same day responses were due to Paxton’s office.

By Kimberly Reeves

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