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August 6, 2018      2:49 PM

Even after former Senate staffer who showed signs of instability went on a shooting spree, Texas Senate panel steers clear of red flag laws

Heeding the words of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the select committee on school violence makes other recommendations; new gun legislation off the table but they’re open to clarifying current law

The Texas Senate Select Committee on Violence in Schools and School Security has issued a report calling for things like more school counselors, social workers and psychology specialists as well as offering mental health “first aid” training to ISD employees.

But on the issue of so-called “red flag” laws, the panel heeded the words of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who has said any measure aimed at taking guns from anyone – regardless of whether they’ve been adjudicated to be dangerous to themselves or others – will die in the Texas Senate.

The committee did not call for a “red flag” law. That’s even after a former Senate staffer, Charles Curry, went on a shooting spree in Austin that left one person dead and two wounded, which happened after Senate staff had expressed deep concerns about whether he would become violent.

By Scott Braddock

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