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February 19, 2018      12:37 PM

Coppedge: Appellate court races 2018, an overview

Part one: Statewide Courts

Another political season is underway and in Texas this cycle there may not be any surprises. It is hard to imagine that the Governor’s race will actually turn into a competitive contest, despite the Democrats biannual "Rite of Optimism" where they conjure up all sorts of things that will make it come up roses for them. (Memo:  Greg Abbott is not Roy Moore).  And the U.S. Senate race will likely be the same. 

There will be some interest in the Appellate Judicial races but this time the focus will not be on the Texas Supreme Court but on some of the Courts of Appeals. It should be remembered that any contests that really matter for the two statewide courts occur in the Republican Primary and there are only two of those in March. 

Texas Supreme Court--this nine-judge court is all Republican.  A Democrat has not won a seat on this court since 1994.

The complete column by Dr. John Coppedge can be found in the R&D Department.

By Dr. John Coppedge

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