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November 10, 2017      2:47 PM

Henson and Blank: Transforming the problem into the solution

“…the political value in the current moment of the good guy with a gun narrative: it transforms the problem into its solution, even as it reduces the chances of backsliding into any discussion of regulating gun ownership.”

In a piece on the UT Texas Politics Project site today, Jim Henson and Joshua blank take a look at the attitudes surrounding the gun debate following the worst mass shooting in Texas history.

From their article:

“As the grim particulars of the Sutherland Springs shooting have become known in the days since the incident, the fact that a bystander armed with a rifle of his own shot the perpetrator and gave chase crucially transforms the terrain of the political interpretation of the shootings…The trope that the best antidote to gun violence by bad (or even sick) people is good people with guns resonates sufficiently with the right audience of Republicans so as to effectively seal off discussions outside the status quo.”

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